About Hope for Belper

What’s it all about?

Hope for Belper originally grew out of the nationwide Hope 08 initiative launched in 2008. Its initial aim was to see “a million acts of kindness” taking place across the UK in that year. Hope for Belper has built on that work by organising projects that continue to demonstrate the love of God to our town. Built on prayer, it has seen Christians and their neighbours from across the town come together to ‘make the main thing the main thing’ – bringing the Christian message of hope to their community.

Local churches linked by Hope’s distinctive branding are:

  • demonstrating God’s love by meeting needs in our communities; finding ways to build authentic local relationships and friendships.
  • continuing to love and serve people regardless of what they choose to believe
  • inviting people to go further in their spiritual journey, sharing the gospel with words in culturally relevant ways.
  • giving people a chance to respond to the gospel then connecting people who do respond into church life

Hope for Belper is now a Registered Charity, No 1146148.   Our constitution adopted in January 2010 can be read here.

How do I get involved?

This website will bring you up-to-date details of all Hope for Belper activities and projects as they are planned and as they happen. If you, along with a group of neighbours or any small group to which you belong, want to Go For It! we have a number of suggestions for small activities or projects which you could bring to life. Alternatively, if you want to find out what others in your part of town think would be a good idea, we can email the ‘Neighbours Letter’ template for you to use. This town of ours is made up of the people who live in it and the things they bring to it – so get set to play your part in Hope for Belper.


Hope for Belper is being supported by a number of churches in Belper and other partners across the town.  A Board of Trustees comprising Christians from a number of local church congregations oversees the project.

Key contact details are as follows:

All General Enquiries: Gareth and Helen Greenwood hopeforbelper@gmail.com

Website administrator: Paul Linford nottinghamroad@hotmail.co.uk

If you would like to be added to our email contact list through which you will be alerted to any changes on the site as they happen, simply email hopeforbelper@gmail.com with ‘add me’ as the title line.

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