Belper Town Chaplaincy

An associated project coordinated by Sarah Bradbury; part of Derby City Centre Chaplaincy


Belper Town Centre Chaplaincy… serving the Heart of our Community        

Workplace Chaplaincy in Derbyshire is growing… and this includes Belper!

Where there is a workplace, there could be a Chaplain… Belper Town Chaplaincy (BTC) started in 2015 and is part of Derby City Centre Chaplaincy – contact Email:

In BTC we have school, retail, health, industry and care home chaplains, with room for more. Belper Chaplains enjoy being part of our community. We have the opportunity to meet regularly and to take part in excellent training provided through Derby City Centre Chaplaincy.

What is a Chaplain?

  • A person who interacts with people for their emotional and spiritual well-being
  • A person who offers non-judgmental support about aspects of life and work
  • Chaplains are motivated by the Christian faith from which they come to care for people and communities
  • Chaplains are not there to preach but to offer care and comfort and a listening ear

How does Chaplaincy work?

  • A chaplain’s visits are organised with the agreement of the staff and the management
  • A chaplain remains independent of the company or business he or she visits
  • The chaplaincy is not a formal counselling service and should be regarded as complementing existing provision and services
  • Chaplains visit their company, school or business on a regular basis, usually weekly
  • The chaplaincy team is made up of chaplains from different churches who may be lay or ordained
  • The work of a chaplain is undertaken on a voluntary basis as an opportunity to care and provide pastoral support

At least 95 people from churches all over Derbyshire attend Workplace Chaplaincy training at Willersley Castle which is very inspiring. Chaplains and those who want to find out more at the training come from Buxton to Swadlincote and beyond. It is introduced by the Revd Paul Morris, Principal Chaplain at Derby City Centre Chaplaincy (DCCC). This is based at St Peter’s Church in the City, Derby. Derbyshire Workplace Chaplains have at least three full Training Days a year, including time to chat, pray and eat together… We value your prayers to support our work.

Please see the Derby City Chaplaincy website for latest information about free Chaplaincy Trainin.

A Bible reading appropriate for Chaplaincy:

Luke 10:1: ‘The Lord now chose seventy-two other disciples and sent them ahead in pairs to all the towns and places he planned to visit. These were his instructions to them:

“The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields. Now go…” ‘

Belper Town Chaplaincy is supported by Churches Together in Belper.

BTC is pleased to be linked and associated with and

Background information from St Peter’s in the City, Derby about DCCC:

Derby City Centre Chaplaincy (DCCC) has grown since it started in 2011. It is a Christian organisation which provides pastoral support to people in the city centre as well as beyond by building bridges of understanding between industry, faith, commerce and society.  It is exciting to have chaplains in many different parts of the city centre: our chaplains serve in the retail, business, education, sport, care, health and entertainment sectors. There is certainly no doubt that chaplaincy is greatly needed. We’re able to offer pastoral care that meets people where they are in the complexity and of everyday life and work, rather than expecting them to come to us.

Chaplaincy is about reaching out to people where they are. Many people may not naturally have contact with church in their lives. They might not be confident to even approach the church, but need to know God’s love for them.

Churches Together in Derbyshire is very happy to endorse and encourage Derby City Centre Chaplaincy.

Workplace Chaplaincy in Derbyshire is glad to give encouragement and support to the Derby City Centre Chaplaincy.

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