Go For It!

This is your challenge should you chose to accept it!

Are you part of a group or could you join with some friends or neighbours? Hope for Belper continues to support opportunities to make a small act of kindness become a part of something bigger.

You may like to come up with creative ideas yourselves or pick an idea from the list below.

If you think we might be able to help in some way or you have any questions give us a call on 01773 823418 and don’t forget to contact us anyway to let us know what you’re doing and when; Gareth & Helen at ggandhg@aol.com

1. Hold a BBQ for your friends and neighbours.

2. Wash the cars in the neighbourhood where you live.

3.  Turn a wasteland area into a garden.

4.  Raise some money and give it to a local school or charity.

5.  Organise a group to pick up litter in your street, local play area or park.

6.   Join with a number of friends to donate a fiver each and give it away to people you don’t know! For instance, pay for lunch at George’s or perhaps some cinema tickets.

For more suggestions for acts of kindness, see www.soulaction.org

Go on – Go For It!

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