What we did on our holidays: the Dreamscheme reviewed

The Dreamscheme was set up a number of years ago, with the objective of giving young people a greater sense of purpose within their community.  With this in mind the first Belper Dreamscheme was launched on the 11th August when 15 young people arrived at the Whitemoor Centre, the base for the week, to be greeted by a number of volunteers.  The Whitemoor Centre is used as a day facility for adults with learning difficulties. The week began in a positive way with a few icebreakers before getting down to the business of the week and how it was going to be run.

The young people were split into two groups working from 1 until 7pm each day, rotating between the two main activities. The indoor group worked alongside regular users of the centre for the first session, interacting and building relationships.  In the second session they prepared for an afternoon tea on the Thursday, creating invitations for local residents from the local housing association houses, planning shopping and baking.

The outdoor group worked on a community development project with help from Groundworks and a number of volunteers. They worked tremendously hard, repairing steps, replacing fencing and clearing overgrown hedgerow in a conservation area next to the Whitemoor estate. The end product they achieved was amazing, the young people really stepped up to the mark, and exceeded our expectations for the week and came back tired but with a great look of satisfaction on their faces.

Young people can do wonderful things. This group proved that and so on the Friday with the points they had earned over the week, the young people had a well deserved day out with a number of volunteers to Alton Towers, the trip they had been working towards all week.

The Dreamscheme has given members of Hope for Belper an opening to work with other member of the community such as the housing associations of the area, police, council, and the young people and general public, what an opportunity to build relationships within Belper. To show that Christians in Belper want to come together to show kindness and a deep care for our town!

Andy and Paula Paisley

2 thoughts on “What we did on our holidays: the Dreamscheme reviewed”

  1. this is very good and interesting please keep it up and also in africa we need it more than in any other country.

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