And The Basic Idea is….

Hope for Belper’s first project of 2009 has been designed with the credit crunch in mind.

Called The Basic Idea, the basic idea is to provide basic food and toiletry items to familes in financial crisis.

Boxes for collection of items are being put in local churches with the intention that those who would like to and are able to do so will purchase one extra item to put in them every time they go shopping.

We are also looking for volunteers to pack and deliver boxes as families are referred. We anticipate that this will not be a big commitment, especially in the first few months.

If this is something you may be able to help with, but would like more details, please contact  or

There are some projects that just seem so timely and demonstrate God’s uncanny knack of spurring people in to action.

‘The Basic Idea’ appears to be one of those and it has got off the ground with a tremendous groundswell of support from congregations around Belper.

See the projects Page for updates on the progress of this project and contact details for finding out more and how you might be involved now or in the future.

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