Year 4 and Hope’s alive in Belper!

This year for some might already feel gloomy and even hopeless, with job losses and financial hardship.  However, the opportunities to practically love our neighbours as ourselves, have never been so numerous.

The Basic Idea has been going for two years now and has helped over 100 families get through tight financial circumstances.  Right at the moment we are short of one very simple thing – delivery boxes!

This is the sort I mean…

Most offices have piles of these everywhere, so we’d be very grateful if you could drop by with one or two from time to time… the food store is open from 3:00 pm till 4:30 pm on the fourth Sunday of each month (excluding this April as it happens).  Simply go down the side of Boots the Chemist and ring the Basic Idea bell by the white side door next to Hacketts Bar – we may take a few moments to open up, so please be patient.

If you can supply us a couple then JUST THE BOTTOMS – NO LIDS PLEASE thanks

If you want to know more about the project, go to ‘THE BASIC IDEA’ page.

You may also be interested to know that Hope for Belper are looking at working with the Police and the Town Council to provide some practical help and a listening ear on the streets on a Friday night through the national Street Pastors initiative.

Research is at an early stage, but if you would like to know more then go to ‘Street Pastors’ – alternatively, if things start to move positively on this project we will put further info on the projects page through the year.

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