Open meeting to explore ‘Street Angels’ project

Hope for Belper is to explore the idea of launching a Street Angels initiative in the town.  

Street Angels is a network of local organisations across the country whose common purpose is to make a difference by helping to improve our night-time culture.

Working alongside the police, it aims to be a visible presence in the community that provides care and practical support to people in need, helps people access support, and listens to people who are in distress or at risk of physical harm.

The idea is that teams of two or three would walk agreed areas in Belper’s estates between 8pm and 12pm every Friday night, with a focus on the needs of young people in particular.

While Belper does not face some of the regular late night issues that larger towns and cities face, our research and consultations suggest that there may be a role for Street Angels to get alongside young people in particular out and about in our estates.

Our aims are to provide a listening ear, to sign post where there is need and ultimately to build cross-generational community cohesion, one of the founding principles of Hope for Belper.

We need a minimum of 16 adult volunteers who can commit to one Friday night a month to launch and with this in mind we are holding an open meeting to explore the idea further.

It will take place on Monday 16th April at 8pm in the back bar of the Queen’s Head pub on Chesterfield Road, Belper.

The meeting will be an opportunity to explain in a bit more detail what Street Angels could be here in Belper, and for volunteers to find out more about the roles that need to be filled.

More information can be found by clicking on the following link: Hope for Belper – Street Angels powerpoint

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