Guides lend a hand with H4B foodbank project

2nd Belper Guides helped out with H4B's Basic Idea food bank
2nd Belper Guides helped out with H4B’s Basic Idea food bank

On the evening of Monday 7th October Jo Lambourne and Gareth Greenwood joined the 2nd Belper Guides to talk about food poverty and the way in which it is affecting some of our neighbours around the town.

Jo and Gareth talked about how ‘The Basic Idea’ food-bank project had been set up in response to the credit crunch and that since then hundreds of families and individuals had been helped to get through times of financial hardship and crisis in and around the Belper area.

The Guide Troop were very engaged with the issues involved and asked some very searching questions throughout the evening.  They had the opportunity to sort and label many cans and packets that had been recently donated by local churches and schools.

They packed some of these items along with food they themselves had brought along on the evening in to boxes ready to be delivered to their neighbours in need.

Hope for Belper would like to thank them for their generosity in giving both food and their evening toward the project – well done girls!

Thanks also to Rachel Kenning and her team of leaders for inviting us along for the evening.

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