Starting as we mean to go on

Welcome to the weblog for Hope 08 Belper. Here you will be able to read about everything that’s happening locally as part of this national initiative designed to demonstrate God’s love for our towns, villages and communities by providing practical help for those around us.

We hope you will not only become a regular visitor here, but also that you will feel inspired to get involved yourself in one or more of the projects we are planning. You may even want to help put together a new project! A list of ideas can be found here on our Go for it! page.

At our Projects page you will find listed all the activities that are being planned in Belper for the forthcoming year.

More information about what Hope 08 Belper is all about can be found here. On this site you will also be able to check out what is happening in Hope 08 nationally and also within the wider Derby Diocese.

Finally, we would welcome your feedback both on this site and on Hope 08 Belper as a whole. You can leave your comments on this post below, or go to our Contact Us page.

3 thoughts on “Starting as we mean to go on”

  1. There is no doubt of the need among vulnerable adults, carers young and old, older people on their own – whether it is company for loneliness, a meal, housework, changing a light bulb, some time off for carers while loved ones are looked after….

    how to match needs to available resourses?

    There must be an hour free in many peoples week, a couple of hours for me and with luck my 15 year old daughter, Alice on most Tuesday evenings to visit, or do some shopping or whatever.

    The best example is the CVS matching Christmas dinners to those in need of one. Might such needs be captured and matched?

    Will D

  2. Donating our time to help others is very much in tune with Hope 08.

    It would be great if this year sees an increase of this type of grass-roots volunteering.

    Here are a couple of options that could be considered:

    Individuals can volunteer with local organisations. For example Amber Valley CVS have a befriending scheme and a family support service both offering training and matches people together; see

    The CVS site also advertises opportunities on behalf of other organisations, such as the Red Cross.

    A group of people who have a few hours to spare could group together and investigate partnering opportunities with local congregations who already have involvement with one of the old peoples homes in the town or with a local Housing organisation.

    Gareth & Helen

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