Hot Chocolate Surprise

Midnight came, the fireworks went off and the market place began to fill up!

Some people emerged from the pubs for a breath of fresh air and a leg stretch, whilst others headed for chips or a kebab; some were in high spirits others were heading home. Common to all though, was the look of happy surprise as we offered them a hot chocolate and a Happy New Year.

Sixteen intrepid (some might say crazy!) folks, brought a smile to the faces of revellers in the Market as jugs of hot chocolate were brought out from the Sally Army building and served from a table set up by the pedestrian crossing.

As you can see from the picture many folks accepted the free gift and joined with us in the sense of fun that this ‘Cup of Kindness’ generated. Thanks to the publicans who joined in by providing the biscuits – you know who you are!

All in all it was felt that this event had set a great tone for Hope 08 and that our presence on the Market Place had been a really positive influence.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for the success of this endeavour.

Gareth Greenwood

One thought on “Hot Chocolate Surprise”

  1. Hi,

    Are you going to be providing Hot Chocolate again this New Years Eve? How do we get involved?

    Many thanks


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