Litter pickers have got it in the bag

Around 30 young people gathered on Belper’s Three Cornered Rec on a blustery Saturday morning to take part in the latest Hope 08 project – a litter pick.

It’s a simple idea – but that’s what Hope o8 Belper is all about – small, practical acts of service to our community.

The day started ay 10am with a game of rounders on the Rec before everyone split into two teams which were each assigned an area of the town to cover.

Among the areas tackled was the Three Cornered Rec itself and the area around the Tesco Express store on Gregory’s Way.  In all, 20 black bin bags were filled.

One of those who took part was Pottery school pupil Jack Greenwood, aged eight.

Said Jack:  “I hope the people who play in the Three Cornered Rec will notice the big difference. On the first of March we did a big litter pick there. 

“Altogether we we filled 20 black bags full of rubbish. I was surprised how much rubbish there was when you looked carefully. It was really fun and eco-friendly!!!”

Some pictures of the litterpick will be published on the site soon.

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