Hope walking club

Part of the original vision of “Hope for Belper” when it was first launched last year was to organise things which people can invite their friends and neighbours along to and so build bridges within the community.

With this in mind we are launching a walking club this month under the Hope umbrella which we hope will be one small way in which we can do this.

We will aim to do five or six walks a year which will be a mixture of difficult, moderate and easy walking – a couple of hard slogs in the Peak District, some family-friendly rambles around Belper, and one or two like in between.

We know this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who like this sort of thing we reckon it will be a great way to build friendships.

The first walk will be on Saturday 9 May and will start from the junction of the A6 and A610 at Ambergate at 10,30am. It will follow a route up Crich Chase to the war memorial, back to Whatstandwell, across to Alderwasley and finally back to Ambergate via Shining Cliff Woods.

The route is eight miles long in all so including a break for lunch we would expect the walk to take 4-5 hours.

If that sounds like too much effort, the half-way point is the Derwent Hotel, Whatstandwell, so you are welcome to join us (or leave us!) at that point.

If you would like to come along, please email Paul at nottinghamroad@hotmail.co.uk. And remember to invite a friend!

Hope cleans up!


A young HopeforBelper volunteer takes part in the recent clean-up
A young HopeforBelper volunteer takes part in the recent clean-up

A few brave souls from the Hope for Belper Team gathered in the Leisure Centre car park on Sunday 5 April.

After we got kitted out, a local youngster cycled by and asked if he could give a hand. There was a surprising amount of litter all around the perimeter of the car park and in amongst the shrubs.

After about two hours we had collected more than 15 black sacks full of rubbish and this made a big difference to the look of the area. Afterwards a drink and chips were enjoyed by all.

Food@Hope Cafe

There will hopefully be some more stuff appearing on this site over the next week or so about our plans for the summer holidays and specifically the “Dream Scheme” (see previous post) but in the meantime, I’d like to give another brief plug for Hope Cafe which resumes this Sunday (July 13) and now features snacks as well as great music! 

I am looking to put together a team of people to keep the food side of this going on a regular basis, so if there’s anyone out there with some basic culinary skills who would like to lend a hand – we’re talking pizzas, sausage cobs and cheese scones rather than looking for the next Gordon Ramsay – please let me know on nottinghamroad@hotmail.co.uk

James Brown has also put together a MySpace site for Hope Cafe where you can hear some of the music that has been played there over recent weeks and also hear about what is coming up. It can be seen here.

Paul Linford

Litter pickers have got it in the bag

Around 30 young people gathered on Belper’s Three Cornered Rec on a blustery Saturday morning to take part in the latest Hope 08 project – a litter pick.

It’s a simple idea – but that’s what Hope o8 Belper is all about – small, practical acts of service to our community.

The day started ay 10am with a game of rounders on the Rec before everyone split into two teams which were each assigned an area of the town to cover.

Among the areas tackled was the Three Cornered Rec itself and the area around the Tesco Express store on Gregory’s Way.  In all, 20 black bin bags were filled.

One of those who took part was Pottery school pupil Jack Greenwood, aged eight.

Said Jack:  “I hope the people who play in the Three Cornered Rec will notice the big difference. On the first of March we did a big litter pick there. 

“Altogether we we filled 20 black bags full of rubbish. I was surprised how much rubbish there was when you looked carefully. It was really fun and eco-friendly!!!”

Some pictures of the litterpick will be published on the site soon.

Belper Youth Serving Belper

One of the aims of Hope 08 Belper is to get young people involved in acts of kindness and practical service which make a difference to the community.  Litter-picks are a simple, but hopefully effective means of doing this, and we will be holding one on the Saturday, 1 March.

It will start at the Three Cornered Rec, Laund Nook off Far Laund at 10 am.  It will end three hours later at Belper Leisure Centre where chips will be on the menu as well as a prize for the most litter collected.

The event is open to anyone under 18.  If are aged 11-18, come along and bring a friend.  If you are younger than 11, bring an adult with you.  Litter kits – bags, pincers, gloves – will be provided.

For more information about this project, contact James Brown on 01773 827964 or Andy Paisley on 01773 880602.